Inspections and Consulting

American Water Services can assist with any public water system whether planned or existing.  For planned water systems, we can handle every aspect from the ground up.   Everything is handled from getting approval from regulatory agencies,  installation, permitting and operation.   We have years of experience in overseeing and installing many public water systems.  We coordinate with the well drillers, engineers, government regulators, and installers to make sure the project is completed properly and timely.  Since we own and operate many systems we know first-hand what works good and what doesn’t.  This allows us to assist the engineers in designing a system that is not only functional and to code but will work efficiently and require the least maintenance.

For existing public water systems, we can do an inspection of the entire system to determine areas that might need upgrading or improving.  In many cases we can find inefficiencies that when corrected can save you on power bills and chemical consumption as well as increase the life of your system.  After an inspection, we can provide you with a list of things that can be improved along with our recommended priority and cost so proper budgeting can be established.  With new technology, we can also provide remote monitoring to systems that will notify you of problems prior to getting calls of no water or low pressure.

Any installation, repairs, or upgrades a system needs can be done through our partner company American Water Specialties or we can work with any other contractor you prefer.