Welcome to American Water

April 13, 2023 Utilities Inc of Georgia acquired water systems previously owned by American Water Services. We have had a great working relationship with Utilities of Georgia for years! We have experienced firsthand how they work to provide great service and are proactive in building and maintaining water systems to a high standard. We feel sure they do a great job serving area neighborhoods. If you owned a home on our system, you would have already received communication from both us, and Utilities.

We are STILL IN BUSINESS and will be serving the White, Habersham, Banks, Rabun, Hall, Towns, and Georgia area counties focused in WATER REPAIR NEEDS, FILTRATION, WELLS, PUMPS, & associated ELECTRICAL including electric HOT WATER HEATERS, GENERATORS, Etc. We are AMERICAN WATER SPECIALTIES. Visit our page here and be on the look out for our new website. We look forward to continuing to serve our community. Thank you for your business.